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Mission Statement

Hello wandering denizen of the internet.  I am writing this because I have decided to start a blog, an event neither noteworthy nor interesting in this age.  But I do like to write, and more importantly I feel there is a lack of music journalism, of discussion, rendered passionately and knowledgeably.  This is an effort to expand the reach of the funky, the rocking, the solemn, the tuneful, the boisterous, the manic, the great.  A meaningless drop moving against the current of propagating trends, of judgment based on adherence to story lines and narratives instead of artistic merit. Does it express something that you could or would not?  Does it excite?  Is it rendered in a way that floods the mind with possibilities? Does it make you feel alive?

Anyways.  To get back to the point, my misguided path has compelled me to start this set of writings you see, and some semblance of an idealist in my subconscious has organized it into a statement.  While driving North on Route 81, 31 miles from the Virginia border, I’ve decided to just do it already.  And what better way to start a blog than with an overwrought, self-important mission statement?  I can think of none.

Anyways, Enjoy.